Thursday, January 8, 2015

'Twas a Chilly January Evening

January 7 we experienced a blast of cold Arctic air.... but the skies were clear AND Comet Lovejoy <3 was at its closest (not necessarily brightest) to the Earth.

The temperature was -7 F with wind chills of -20 F.  ALL gear worked just fine!

Raw Pics:

10 sec; 1600 ISO

 30 sec; 6400 ISO
 20 sec; 1600 ISO

 30 sec; 1600 ISO

 30 sec; 6400 ISO
 30 sec; 800 ISO
 20 sec; 3200 ISO

Then I used Deep Sky Stacker 40 Lights (t = 30 s; ISO = 1600); 20 Bias; 20 Flats; 15 Darks to come up with these processed photos.

Playing around with StarStaX because I want to create star trail images, I plugged in 40 Light frames I took of Comet Lovejoy.  It's rather telling, I think, about how well the mount was tracking ~ hmmm.... =)

Stacked ~ 4000 frames of Jupiter; t = 1/125 s; ISO = 400 using AutoStakkart!2

An last but not least.... a waning gibbous Moon =)

Other Misc Pics....  Is this what "cold" looks like?  =)

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