Friday, June 22, 2018

A Bit of Eyepiece Projection....

I'm wanting to project from my telescope onto a monitor, as I saw recetly done at a Public Viewing session at the Witte Observatory by a visiting member of the Popular Astronomy Club (PAC) =)

A bit "quick and dirty" - I set up our "adopted" 8" Star Hopper (Newtonian refelctor on Dobsonian mount).  I played a bit with it during the day both prime focus and projection using my Cannon ti5.  I was not able to get the camera close enough to the secondary mirror to get it to focus using the prime focus method. 

I was, however, able to get the Moon in focus using the projection technique with a 17 mm eyepiece.  =)  I had to back the camera WAY OUT.  The image was hard to image because I had to hold the camera steady as the mount could not support its weight.

Here are a couple of images I snagged and a video I made.

The monitor we ordered came in and I hooked it up to take a look at the Sun through my 6" Celestron Advanced VX Refractor.  The image on the monitor worked pretty darn slick.  I used the projection method through a 20 mm eyepiece.  In order to get the travel I needed, I had to add  2" extension to get the image to focus.

Here are a couple of images and video I made.  I was glad there are (finally?) a few sunspots to look at.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Few Odds and Ends ~ Occultation, Transit, and Pretty Conjunction =)

The Moon occulted two stars on the evening of May 28, 2019.  I took these shots and then "stitched" them back together with Movie Maker.  The first occutation is a bit of a disappointment as star that was occulted drifted out of view....  But the second occutation worked ;-)

I keep my eyes out for ISS transits of either the Moon or Sun that I can see locally.  Here's a brief glimpse of the ISS transiting the Sun June 1, 2018.  Don't blink!

Out at the observatory June 15, 2018 for Public Viewing ~ I caught the Moon and Venus... BEAUTIFUL!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Moon Occultation and Messier Objects Again

We went to the Observatory Friday night.  I cleaned my camera sensor for the first time since I bought it....  It REALLY needed it!

I used a heater around my refractor for the first time ~ it worked very slick =)  I stayed out photographying until about 1 AM.  There was a heavy dew on my gear cases but my lens was dry.

While photographing the Moon for some Earthshine, I accidently filmed an occultation?

Can't get too much of M31

The "Teapot" was in a GREAT spot for photographing...

The Lagoon Nebula, M8, at various exposures

The Trifid, M20

Love those globulars!  M22

Whirlpool Galaxy, M101

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another ISS Lunar Transit =)

Tonight out at the Witte Observatory with Carl I "caught" the ISS on video tape passing in front of the Moon <3

The website I use is

Still Images....

Real Time.....

Friday, June 2, 2017

Taking Clear Skies When I Can Get Them

Tonight the Moon is a bit past first quarter, so I thought I might as well image it =)

So VERY photogenic!

Saturn and its pretty tipped rings <3

Using M92 to play around a bit with my autogider....

I was about ready to pack it up and the scope bumped up against the mount while I was photographing.  I think it's a very striking photo ;-)

Lunar Occultations versus the Clouds!

I seemed to "fight" the clouds for two recent occultations.  Not really sure if I "won" or not =)

Sunday, May 28; Lunar Occultation of 74 Gem.  These were taken through my 6" refractor.

Amidst the clouds I thought the Moon's looked pretty cool too.  Here's a closer look.

Then on Wednesday, May 31 I tried again to capture the Moon passing in front of 47 Leo.  It was so cloudy I decided not to take the time / energy to set up my scope, so here's what I captured using my camera on my Polarie.

Miscellaneous Pics and Videos....

School's finally out for summer and I'm enjoying a bit more "scope time" ~ in particular getting used to my new FeatherTouch focuser <3

I had never ever thought about imaging Polaris, but it's a double.... how fun!

Jupiter and it's moons

M51 (Again =)

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