Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pics Using Polarie

Still waiting to get my Advanced VX mount back from repair from Celestron :-(  ..... but enjoying taking photos directly using my camera mounted to my Vixen Polarie :-)

I was out at the Witte Observatory for public viewing Friday night.  Here's a quick video I put together a week ago to show students around the observatory:

Here are the pics I took Friday night.  The Moon was a waxing crescent.

The Moon with Saturn and Scorpio to the left

A piece of the Milky Way <3

The Moon with a few passing clouds

One of the our two domes open with the Big Dipper overhead

Double cluster in Perseus

Andromeda Galaxy

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Milky Way in Mississippi Using my Polarie

As I wait patiently for my Advanced VX Celestron mount to get back from repair (grrrrrrrr!) my husband, Carl, bought me an early 50th birthday present ~ the Polarie by Vixen.  It is indeed easy to use and lots of fun!

We're away in Mississippi right now, looking forward to seeing a few Perseids tonight.  Last night I took these of the Milky Way ~ 30 second exposure @ ISO 12800.  No star trails?

There's a couple of yard lights nearby ~ check out light reflecting from the tree in the last shot.... Hah!

Here's to clear beautiful skies! :-)