Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lovejoy with a hint of a tail

Just a couple of days between photographs.... but here's what I got last night for Lovejoy <3

30" 6400 ISO
30" 3200 ISO
20" 1600 ISO

Photographed M82 (the Cigar Galaxy) again with M81 (Bode's Nebula) peaking around the corner:
20" 3200 ISO
 30" 3200 ISO

M108 While I was in the vicinity.... 30" 3200 ISO

Finishing up with M41, an open cluster in Canis Major ~ 2.5" 6400 ISO

With the telescope safely tucked back in its place, here's a shot of Orion and Taurus to the West =)

Miscellaneous pics taken the day before.....  My least favorite part of snow, the yucky melting -

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