Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cold AND Clear

Temperature (without wind) was -1 F, but I wanted to see Comet Lovejoy again AND it was Friday.  What better thing is there to do on a Friday night then to spend some time with your scope?  lol

Also ~ school will be starting next week and I'll need to fight the urge to get out the scope instead of preparing for lectures, etc.  Sigh!

These pictures were taken without the aid of the telescope lens.  The camera was mounted on the optical tube which was being guided.  I was pleasantly surprised that the fov in the scope lined up pretty darn well with the camera :-)  I used an 85 mm f/1.8 Opteka lens.  Several photos were cropped.

M42 / Orion Belt and Sword; t = 8 sec, ISO = 800

Double Cluster in Cassiopeia;  t = 10 sec; ISO = 800

 ET Cluster in Cassiopeia; t = 8 sec, ISO = 1600

Comet Lovejoy; t = 20 sec; ISO = 400

M45; t = 3.2 sec; ISO = 800

Oops!  I need to clarify here I used an "Eyepiece Projection" technique - for the first time.  So taken through the telescope / 20 mm eyepiece =)  Jupiter; t = 1/40 sec, ISO = 400

Some pics of Comet Lovejoy through the telescope ~ no stacking; ISO = 1600 for all

t = 15 sec 
 t = 20 sec
t = 30 sec

Waning Gibbous Moon ~ t = 1/200 sec, ISO = 200

ALL for now.... =)

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