Sunday, January 25, 2015

Friday's Photos :-)

Thought I was going to be fighting clouds most of the evening Friday night, and as it turns out the skies were clear from about 10:30 PM on.  I wanted to be sure to get a few more photos of Lovejoy <3 before it gets much further from the Earth.  While I was set up I took a few other miscellaneous pics.  I finished up about midnight with making a short video of Jupiter - then remembered reading there Jupiter was to have an awesome series of moon transits.  I caught Io in the act =)

Comet Lovejoy a bit dimmer?

15" 6400 ISO
 30" 3200 ISO
 30" 1600 ISO

Double Cluster (again) in Cassiopeia
8" 1600 ISO
 8" 6400 ISO

M82 (again).... I think this is one of my favorites right now =)
20" 12800 ISO
 30" 3200 ISO

The other day I imaged what I call the "E.T." cluster, NGC 457, without the telescope.  Here's NGC 457 through the scope =)  How FUN!

5" 6400 ISO
 10" 6400 ISO

Last but not least.... Jupiter <3 video.  See if you can catch Io's shadow....

All for now ~ ;-)

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