Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Miscellaneous pics taken April 5

Jupiter and it's Galilean Moons... with the scope tracking and then with the tracking turned off =)

Venus is still sooooo high in the evening sky.....

More pics of Orion's Nebular, M42.  It's setting a bit closer to the Sun ~ 

Getting ready to wrap up ~ I wanted to take some star trails with the tracking off.  This clearly falls under the category of "just because I can."  =)  I like star trails for some reason.

Thirty-second exposure I "think" in the vicinity of M42 ;)

Earlier in the evening I observed a bright ISS pass and wanted to try and capture it on film.  Here's the video I put together of the pass.  It was an especially L-O-N-G pass.  btw ~ Love the heavens-above.com website!

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