Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gotta Take Those Clear Skies When You Can Get Them!

My husband and I, along with several others, headed out to the Witte Observatory Complex Saturday night =)  I set up my 6" refractor, Jim H. opened the Clark 12" refractor, and Ray R. opened and was working on the Ealing (16" reflector) ;)

Here are a few objects I knocked of my M-list.  Still not guiding or stacking.....  These (I hope) are sort of like "base-line" pics.  Definitely "fun" to take!

M97  ~ Owl Nebula

M3 ~ Globular Cluster

M 87 ~ Giant Elliptical Galaxy

Through just the camera, a cool conjunction between Venus and M45

Not to be "out done" ~ a friend pointed out this conjunction the same evening with Jupiter and M44, the Beehive Cluster  =)

The local weather forecast is for cloudy skies for the next 6 days..... sigh!  We shall see ;)

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