Sunday, March 8, 2015

Waning Love Joy.... Waning Gibbous =)

Saturday + Clear Skies + Descent Temperature = Time to get the scope out =)

 Comet Lovejoy
20" ISO1600
 30" ISO1600

Waning Gibbous
1/200" ISO200
 1/1250" ISO400
 1/4000" ISO400
 1/4000" ISO800
A bit of random video footage....

A few NGC and M Objects.... (without stacking from my porch =)
NGC 4631 - The Whale Galaxy
20" ISO3200
 30" ISO3200

M44 ~ Beehive Cluster
5" ISO 6400
 M63 ~ Sunflower Galaxy
30" ISO3200

While trying to capture the Rossette Nebula, the scope suddenly stopped tracking - I think because it "flipped"  Thought it was a pretty pic =)  30" ISO3200

Randomly gathering way too much light to see Jupiter's bands.... I thought these wispy things coming off Jupiter were pretty cool.  Some sort of aberration with the camera?  I don't know...
10" ISO3200
 30" ISO800

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