Sunday, March 22, 2015

Miscellaneous Sunsets and Stars

So I've had on my list of "events" I want to capture the Zodiacal Lights.  I've got some pretty shots of the Sun setting ~ but nothing of what I think the glow of our solar system's ecliptic plane should look like.  Sigh!  =)  I might have better luck near the fall equinox toward the east at sunrise.  We shall see...

These were taken out at the Witte Observatory March 10 as the Sun was setting.  The fireworks are a from an outfit testing their product.... a bonus ;)

An assortment of other star photos that evening.

While in Mississippi over Spring Break here's my other attempt to capture the Zodiacal Lights at sunset.  I'm thinking it just wasn't dark enough... but they are a pretty series of photos.  Check out Venus looking like she's "all that!" <3

While I had the camera out, I took a few photos of stars through trees.  The green glow on the trees is from the security light.

Last and having nothing to do with astrophotography or even nature, I took a couple of short videos while passing over two bridges on the way home from Mississippi.  Don't worry ~ I was in the passenger seat - Hah!

In the first video I was riding in your newly acquired (in pristine condition with 30,000 original miles) 1985 GMC High Sierra Pickup Truck.

Here's to warmer weather, clear skies, and time to get the scopes out!  =)

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