Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Moon, Jupiter, Venus and More....

Got the scope out tonight =)

The Moon is a waxing gibbous

I was a bit surprised to see Earthshine.....

I took a couple of Moon videos and merged them into one.  I used the 5X and 10X feature of Backyard EOS.  It's just like being there ~ lol ;)

Took a few videos of Venus at different exposures.  People often want to view Venus through the telescope and don't believe me when I describe it as "not much to see...."  =)

The final video I made was a short one of Jupiter <3

I've got a goal to photograph (or at least attempt to photograph) ALL of the Messier objects.  Tonight I got a few more "under my belt."  Quite possibly will photograph them again when the Moon isn't so darn bright.

M53, a globular in Coma Berenices

M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy (one of my favorites for the evening =)

Last but not least.... M64, the Black Eye Galaxy

With regard to the viewing temperatures, I hate to complain about ~ 35 F, but that's a bit chilly for the end of March.  Ready for warmer temperatures!  :-)

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