Saturday, November 1, 2014

M42 Raw and Processed

So ~ this morning I set up my 6" Celestron out on our porch.... StarSense did an OUTSTANDING job calibrating.  Within a few minutes of powering up I was going to whatever I wanted to. :-)

I focused on Orion's Nebula, M42.  For the first time took a set of dark, bias, and flat frames to use for processing.  For lights I went with 30 pics at a single exposure of 1.3"  (I was bumping up against dawn ;)

Raw Pic:

Processed using (FREE) DeepSkyStacker then reduced so it could be uploaded to Blogger:

To me ~ think that they're both pretty :-)

Finally...  Here's the video of Jupiter with an assortment of ISO's  Still a work in progress.

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