Friday, August 12, 2016

First Quarter Moon M27 M15... and a bit of Stacking =)

I set up my telescope in our back yard this week to take advantage of clear skies and get some photos of the first quarter Moon.

I though the Moon looked especially crisp! =)

Love that EarthShine!

I made a video at 10x using Backyard EOS and then stacked 100 images with Registax:

I then took 11 (lights) photos of the Dumbell Nebula, M27.  They basically looked like this:

I also took sets of flats, darks, and dark flats.  I'm curious if there is stacking software out there I can afford, won't be too complicated, and will do what I want it to.  I'm looking at Nebulosity.  You can download and try their program for free - but it will add dark lines to processed images.  I processed my lights (couldn't get the flats / darks to process...) and here's what I came up with (not bad =):

I ended up the session by trying longer exposures with my autoguider hooked up.  The target I chose was the globular cluster M15.

Without guiding (30 second exposure):

With guiding (30 second exposure):

With guiding (120 second exposure =)


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