Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Saturn and a few more Messier Objects

This week my I set up out at the Witte Observatory again with hopes of imaging some of the faint nebula in and near Cygnus.  Though that didn't work out so well (I need to figure out how to use my guide scope and / or the technique of stacking) ~ my video of Saturn looks pretty good AND I knocked off a few more Messier Objects off my list :-)

Iris Nebula; 30 seconds ISO 12800; A bit overexposed but at least it's something.....

Crescent Nebula ~ I think I see a hint of it.... a wispy red object

A quick shot of the hearts of the Double Cluster near Cassiopeia

I LOVE this open cluster.  It is often referred to as the E.T. Cluster.... Hah!

M11 ~ Wild Duck Cluster; I can't believe I haven't imaged this yet!

 Several globular clusters in Sagittarius

M22 ~ the "grand daddy" of them all






Last but not least... here's a video of Saturn at several different exposures =)

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